i-YES eLearning

I-YES project is a teen-centered intervention program whose main aim is to help students develop social and emotional skills so as to achieve better academic performance, improve attitudes and behaviors, such as increased motivation to learn, deeper commitment to school, better classroom behavior, and reduced emotional distress.
The I-Yes Intervention Programme is composed of a series of activities that are directed towards a common goal: to combat school failure by developing activities aimed at increasing student's soft skills. Read more ...

The activities focus into three main areas:
  • the “personal sphere”, related to own self-awareness and to the ability to regulate individual own emotions. The main aim of this area of activity is to increase the knowledge regarding the different emotions and their various shades in order to let students understand and recognize their feelings.
  • The “interpersonal sphere” that mainly concerns "individuals in relation to others". The specific goals of this area concern the abilities to establish and maintain healthy and rewarding relationships with others based on cooperation, preventing, managing and constructively resolving interpersonal conflicts.
  • The “global sphere” is related to own "social responsibility towards the community" and introduces the ability to make decisions based on the consideration of relevant factors, including applicable ethical standards, safety concerns and social norms, evaluation and reflection.
The I-YES app is Built By Experts in student counseling, technology and education. The program is easily accessible online and can be used for group and individual learning. It consists of real-life, visually compelling social scenarios that enable easy facilitation of a discussion with students.

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